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Have your zBoost Home Cellular Signal Booster Professionally installed. In-Home Installation as low as $179.95

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Installation Service

zBoost has partnered with InstallerNet, Inc. to provide nationwide installation services for zBoost's leading brand of cellular booster products. InstallerNet's nationwide network of professional installers are trained and certified to install zBoost signal boosters and provide industry-leading labor warranties in addition to zBoost's product warranty. To start your installation process, activate the InstallCard that came in the box with your booster.

InstallerNet's US-based Customer Service call center and transaction management technology are behind the service, ensuring a rapid response to any questions or changes you might have. Every InstallerNet customer will be invited to take an online survey of their experience, providing beneficial services that help maintain the level of professionalism one should expect with InstallerNet services.

About InstallerNet

We are a leading content, technology, and services company delivering intelligent service solutions. InstallerNet partners with manufacturers, retailers and service providers to bring new products to market through our professional installation services. InstallerNet clients, including many Fortune 500 companies, represent leaders in the automobile aftermarket, consumer electronics, smart home and monitoring, energy management, fleets and insurance telematics markets. InstallerNet delivers fully-managed quality installation services through a vast nationwide network of highly-trained and certified service providers. Similar to a gift-card, our InstallCard allows consumers to schedule services online matching them to qualified top-rated local network Installers.

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The InstallCard

Your zBoost product should contain a plastic InstallCard which looks like the one shown here. Your installer will help make decisions about where to place your booster for optimum amplification and with minimal visibility of the cables and plugs. The installer will perform pre- and post-install signal test to confirm signal amplification and, finally, will demonstrate operation.

NOTE: The accuracy of your quote is determined by the accuracy of the information you provided. Extra charges resulting from inaccurate or incomplete information provided to InstallerNet can be paid directly to the installer at your appointment.

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zBoost InstallCard Front

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a signal booster system?

A cellular signal booster amplifies a reliable outside signal and broadcasts it inside. It does not boost a WiFi signal. A signal booster system is made up of three main parts: An outside antenna to collect the signal from the cell tower, a signal booster to amplify the signal and an inside antenna to broadcast the improved signal to the inside of the building. Coaxial cable is used to connect them together. Voice, text and data are transmitted and received between the cell tower and your mobile device(s) through the booster system. Please note that there must be adequate signal to make a call outside for it to be amplified for use indoors.

Which cell phone carriers are supported by zBoost cell phone boosters?

All zBoost boosters support voice and text for all major North American carriers. Additionally, zBoost TRIO products support carrier-specific 4G LTE (see product description for details). zBoost products do not support WiMax services

Will a zBoost cell phone booster increase data performance?

In weak signal areas, data speeds can slow down dramatically. A zBoost cellular signal booster will increase cellular data speeds providing a stronger, more reliable data signal. A signal booster can only boost data speeds up to the maximum of the network.

What is the difference between a 3G and a 4G booster?

A 3G booster will improve voice, text and data up to 3G, while 4G boosters will do everything that a 3G booster does plus handle 4G LTE technologies (WiMax is not supported).

How long will it take and how much does the installation cost?

The installation time and cost will depend on which product you purchased as well as the information you provide during the online InstallCard activation sequence (or over the phone to a Coordinator). Generally an installer will require 1 – 3 hours and cost between $135 - $200 for the installation.

What will the installer do when they come to my building?

Step 1 will be to verify that the Booster installation will work. The installer must verify that a call can be initiated on the service provider of interest (AT&T, Verizon, Sprint etc.) from at least one side of the outside of your building. The installer will then go over the options for the mounting of the external antenna, the placement of the amplifier inside the building as well as options for discreetly mounting the re-broadcast antenna(s) in a central location. After validating amplification without distortion or feedback, the installer will briefly demonstrate the system.

Who will my installer be?

InstallerNet uses independent professional installers from businesses local to you. These installers have been vetted and background-checked by the local business and represent some of the best technicians in the electronics installation business. Each is certified to install Booster products and should not only do a very professional installation but also answer any questions you have about the installation or operation of the system.

Do I need to be here for the installation?

Someone over 18 yrs. old who is responsible for allowing the installer access into the building must be present at all time during the installation. At the conclusion of the installation the installer may ask to have this responsible party sign a completion-validation form. If nobody over 18 is at the location when the installers arrive they are taught to wait about 10 minutes but if nobody shows the appointment is considered a “now show” on the customer’s part and a cancellation feed may be required/charged.

What will I be able to see of the system after installation?

Depending upon how you answered the questions in the activation sequence the installer is only going to spend as much time concealing wires as is required to complete the job. If you have paid to have concealed wires the installer will point out how they plan to conceal them (the path the cables go through on the way to the amplifier) and also point out any exceptions to the concealment that the building forces them to make. Generally speaking, an external antenna will be visible on the side of the building, and an internal antenna will be discretely placed (but perhaps not hidden) to be as unobtrusive as possible.

If I’ve lost my InstallCard or didn’t get one, how do I schedule an installation?

Simply click here. or call InstallerNet at (800) 806-5513 or email to get started.

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